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RE: Another GPL violation: Re: Minimalistic Build-Environmentforwin32 (~7.5MB)

Patrick J. LoPresti wrote:

[snip, yeah I'll bite]

> My main point is that an engineer has as much business interpreting
> law as a salesperson has telling an engineer how to design a system.

PFHHT<carbonated beverage shoots out nose>!

Never had an engineering job, huh?

> At issue here are people who distribute something for free along with
> Cygwin.

No, at issue here are people who either:

a.  Are unaware of their contractual obligations.
b.  Want to pick and choose which parts of the contract they want to obey.

As to item b, people in hell want icewater.  Put up the source, problem solved.

> They include full credit and links to the Cygwin source code,
> which is mirrored on dozens of sites.  This may not comply with the
> letter of the GPL, but it surely complies with the spirit, so why not
> leave them alone?

It of course complies with neither the letter nor the spirit.

> These people are contributing something to the world,

So is the Cygwin project.

> only to have a
> bunch of ninnies harrass them,

Nobody's harassing anybody.  Particularly the ninnies.

> claiming their actions are analogous to
> running traffic lights on the way to work.

Didn't see that particular claim, but a deal's a deal.  Suck it up, uphold your
end of the bargain, and everybody wins.

>  This is absurd, and it
> contributes nothing to the general good.

Neither does crying about clear contractual obligations, but here we are.

Gary R. Van Sickle
Brewer.  Patriot.

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