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pathing q


I am trying to run a java jar file, and my app keeps telling me that it can't find any of the class files, etc. I investigated and I am seeing some flags that I cannot seem to find via the man pages. cygpath -m?

As you can see, I do have to go to /cygdrive/c in order to go to my C: drive, so in my $cpth below, do I need to mark everything as /cygdrive/c? But If I do, it would not be very portable would it? It would be nice to be able to run it with cygwin (my box) and have someone else run it if they just have a cmmd window.


Does not ever find classes when running with cygwin, but runs fine when I use the cmd window.

	my $cpth ="C:/com/skp/convert/altercast_sdk.jar;C:/com/skp/convert/xalan.jar;C:/com/skp/convert/xerces.jar;.";
	my $arg2 = "-path $key ";
        # print "$cpth is cpth\n";
        # my $cmmd = "java -cp " . " " . $cpth . " com.skp.convert.MakeThumbs "  . arg2 . " " . join " ", @files;
	my $cmmd = "java -cp " . " " . $cpth . " com.skp.convert.MakeThumbs -path " . $key . " " . join " ", @files;

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