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file permissions

Hi, all
I have installed CVS with cygwin under windows2k operation system. It is working properly. Further more,I want to specify the files permissions for different group of users. I have read the cvs manualfrom


and I have used the command "chmod" to specify a read only access rights to the repository for the user named "cvsuser", but I found that when I log in as "cvsuser" and tried to access the repository, I can check out file and commit file properly, except that there is a warning which said that "can not write to history file". What I want is that there should be a totally fail if without write permission, but not only a warning there.

By the way, can I make the restriction to prevent some user from reading some files from the repository? It seems that I can not take away the read permission from users by using command "chmod". It seems that all the directories and files should be readable at least for all the users.

Can anyone give some help? thanks alot!

Lu Fang

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