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Re: setup.exe beta (testing needed - really!)

On Wed, 26 Mar 2003, Shankar Unni wrote:

> Robert Collins wrote:
> > A new release of setup.exe is imminent. There are many changes, and to
> > reduce problems, feedback from YOU, is needed.
> I've been using it for a couple of days on a WinXP SP1 box and a Win2K 
> SP2 box. No problems on either.
> However, one of the installations has had a long-standing problem 
> (across all the setup versions I've tried), that I'd love to track down.
> I've always excluded (Skip) all XFree86 packages. One of the boxes 
> understands and remembers this - it doesn't auto-select any of the 
> XFree86 packages on subsequent runs of setup, but the other doesn't 
> remember this, and always insists on selecting a number of the XFree86 
> packages, which I then have to Skip by hand each time.

Is it possible that the problematic box has X already installed 
on it ? If there is an older version of a package already installed,
setup  will try to upgrade it.

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