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Re: Added setup.exe to User's Guide

Hannu E K Nevalainen (garbage mail) wrote:
As I understood from a posting of Igor Pechtchanski this isn't as hard as I

Well, now to the collection of words; something like this, maybe:
 If you have a CD-burner, ZIP, Jazz, removable HD or some such at "home"
_and_ in a machine elsewhere, which also has fast internet access; you can
do this:

 1. Use the fast internet access machine, create a temporary "Local Package
Directory" (the package cache) where there is enough space.
 2. Download and use setup.exe to fill the above cache with whatever
contents you wish (Download from Internet in setup.exe).
 3. *Move* the ENTIRE cache directory onto a CDR (or whatever) - do NOT
change anything within the cache.

Specifically for CD-R, I have had trouble doing this because the URL-encoded directories that setup.exe creates to keep track of which mirror you select are not ISO9660 or Joliet friendly. I usually just rename the directory before burning to CD-R.

 4. Carry the CDR (or whatever) "home", where you will be able to use it
directly as "Local Package Directory" for setup's "Install from local
directory" mode.

 NOTE1: The prerequisite here is that you do put THE DIRECTORY CONTAINING
THE CACHE onto your CDR. Do something else and you will have trouble using
it at "home".

 NOTE2: If there is more packages than can be fitted on your "CDR" (e.g.
you're using ZIP-disks) then you need to select NO MORE packages AT A TIME
than can fit on your disk.

 Comments or Corrections anyone?
(Don't say I got it right on the first try, I wouldn't believe you! ;-)

/Hannu E K Nevalainen, Mariefred, Sweden

-- Andrew

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