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Re: Corrected: setup.exe beta (testing needed - really!)

On Thu, 2003-03-27 at 02:24, Vince Hoffman wrote:
> Havent a clean system to try a full install. however on running it to
> upgrade/add packages  the first run crashed .
> on the second run all was fine and componants were added/updated perfectly.
> I tried running a few more times to reproduce the crash and on average about
> one in 5 times (very rough average) it crashed.(see attached drwatson
> crashlog) for log of 2 of these crashes.

Ok, well this is 'not good' :}.

At what point does it crash?

Assuming it crashes straight after download screen - can you do a few
things for me?

Firstly, I note that you have a lot of background cygwin processes -
inetd, ssh, cygrunsrv etc. Can you shut them all down?

Now, put setup through a few upgrades/reinstalls and see if it still

If it doesn't, then we know where to look for the possible bug.
If it still crashes, or if it's crashing elsewhere than
after-the-download, can you provide a step by step journal of your
choices in setup to help us reproduce the problem ( if we can't
reproduce it, we can't fix it in any reasonable timeframe).

Thanks for the feedback,

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