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Re: Determining the location of a Cygwin installation

> Andrew DeFaria wrote:
> > Secondly, if I could get my users to set their
> > "ApplicationPaths" I could as easily get them to set their PATHs. The
real world
> > situation is that this is not the case and neither PATH nore
> > are set.
> Here's an idea: Traverse the directory %SystemDrive%\Documents and
> Settings\XXXX\Start Menu\Programs (where XXXX is "All Users" and also
> the user's username) looking for a directory named "Cygwin".  In that
> directory there are shortcuts that contain the path to various
> subdirectories of the Cygwin install directory.  The strings in the
> shortcut files may be Unicode, but the info is there.

Not always...

> Cygwin's setup.exe always creates a Start Menu entry, right?  So those
> shortcuts should always be easy to find.  If a user has deleted his
> Start Menu entries for Cygwin, fall back to a full disk search for
> cygwin1.dll.

...The user may have chose not to "Create start menu items" in setup.exe .
There's also the fact that these machines may not be NT based, and didn't
"Documents and Settings" only get introduced in Windows 2000? Haven't used
NT 4 for years.


Elfyn McBratney
elfyn at exposure dot org dot uk

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