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Re: file permissions

cygwin at cygwin dot com:

Lu Fang wrote on March 26, 2003 8:57 AM:
> ... CVS with cygwin ... I want to specify the files permissions for
> different group of users.

I have a similar need for a CVS security model that allows me to control
which users can access which CVS projects.  My solution was to create
multiple repositories (/cvs/r030325a, /cvs/r030325b, etc.), each owned
by a different (r030325a.r030325a, r030325b.r030325b,
respectively, etc.).  I then add/remove users from a given repository
group to control who can access that repository.

I created a Perl script "dvs" to automate/simplify the scheme:

    root at r7310g:~$ dvs
        dvs [options]

            --debug, -d                 Generate debug messages
            --debug_file=FILE           Append debug messages to FILE
            --debug_level=LEVEL         Set the debug message level to
            --help, -h, -?              Print a brief help message and
exit (1)
            --initialize                Initialize CVS root directory
            --repadd REPOS              Create a repository
            --repdel REPOS              Delete a repository
            --useradd USER REPOS...     Add user to listed repositories
            --userdel USER REPOS...     Remove user from listed
            --test                      Run regression test

The Perl script is available on my home page:

My CVS server is RH7.3.  I don't know if my idea or the Perl script will
work on Cygwin.



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