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Re: Corrected: setup.exe beta (testing needed - really!)

Max Bowsher wrote:
Robert Collins wrote:

On Thu, 2003-03-27 at 02:24, Vince Hoffman wrote:

Havent a clean system to try a full install. however on running it to
upgrade/add packages  the first run crashed .
on the second run all was fine and componants were added/updated
perfectly. I tried running a few more times to reproduce the crash and
on average about one in 5 times (very rough average) it crashed.(see
attached drwatson crashlog) for log of 2 of these crashes.

I'm getting this too - but only on my desktop - not my laptop.

Crash frequency is only 1 in 20, as well.

Ok, well this is 'not good' :}.

At what point does it crash?

Before the splash page appears.

Ah. Can you reproduce it under gdb? If not, can you generate the line numbers from the addresses in the backtrace (hint: fire up gdb, load the .exe that you used to provoke the problem, and then
list *0x000223344 )


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