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Re: Determining the location of a Cygwin installation

Elfyn McBratney wrote:

While interesting there are two flaws here. Firstly, this down't work on all versions of Windows. Secondly, if I could get my users to set their "ApplicationPaths" I could as easily get them to set their PATHs. The real world situation is that this is not the case and neither PATH nore ApplicationPaths are set.

So how about using something like regtool, there are quite a few native (non-Cygwin dependant) regtool alikes around. From there all you need to do is check HKLM or HKCU. Or write your own custom implementation.

What exactly am I checking for? That ApplicationPaths is set properly or that PATH has a Cygwin bin dir? And what if they don't. In that case I'm back to the same situation in trying to determine where Cygwin was installed.

Or am I checking to see where Cygwin is installed by looking, as the original poster had queried, where Cygwin's bin is mounted? How does that fit with Christopher's assertion that that might go away? Again, I would think it would be far more meaningful to dedicate at least one registry spot to denote where Cygwin was installed and then build from there. Seems to be a very logical way to do it from my point of view but as always, this is just my opinion.

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