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Re: Mozilla 1.3 built on cygwin?


Just outta' curiosity, beyond the satisfaction of accomplishing it, what would be gained?

well you could ssh into your windows machine and run mozilla remotely from your xterminal ...

umm - okay so thats not much of a gain... but...

First off, I have said it before and I'll say it again, Evolution from Ximian needs to be ported to Cygwin..


There would be A LOT to be gained from having a Cygwin port of Mozilla.

    1. You could easily hack on features the Windows and Unix source
        trees if Mozilla ran via Cygwin. Also, you could build Mozilla
        on Windows without having to use any MSFT products.

    2. Having a complex GUI app like Mozilla ported to Cygwin could
        prove to be a stick in which to measure and compare the over
        all efficiency and performance of Cygwin. If the "native"
        Mozilla and the Cygwin version performed reasonably the same,
        then we would know that Cygwin is on track. If the Cygwin
        version lagged, it would set concrete goals for the
        Cygwin/XFree team.

    3. I hate where and how Mozilla puts user files under native
        Windows. The Cygwin port would be better... more like the Linux

    4. Don't underestimate how great it would be to be able to
        X in an check your email. Better yet, be able to run more
        than one user at a time be able to X in and check their

As a long time Windows Mozilla user, I would welcome a Cygwin version
with open arms.

Finally.. Every major porting effort that Cygwin goes to does not
kill or hurt Cygwin, it makes it stronger and more functional.



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          "Seriously" - HSR

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