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Re: how to source the environment variables from windows within anexisting cygwin window/terminal again?

A better fix for your problem is (I think), is to fire up ssh-agent,
put the output of ssh-agent into a file, and 'source' it into the

And in your .bashrc or however you start, you check for this file, and
source it if it exists.

And if you want to load the ssh-agent variables in a running bash, you
just either resource your .bashrc or whatever.

There were a discussion about this a while ago I think, some scripts
(bash/bat) added to set the variables, check the mailinglist archive.


/ "Ralf Hauser" <ralfhauser at gmx dot ch> wrote:
| Hi,
| When I start cygwin by the desktop icon, it inherits the windows variables
| before it executes the ~/.bashrc and sets the environment variables
| specified therein.
| If I update/change the windows environment variables (right-click on "My
| Computer" - Properties - Advanced - Environment Variables), how can get
| these new variables into an already existing cygwin window?
| Also, it appears that when starting a new cygwin window out of an existing
| one (by running "cygstart /bin/bash"), the new one will not inherit from the
| windows environment in the same way as the first cygwin window did.
| I didn't find any hints to this in
| or
| or the
| nor in this mailing list archive - any other
| places I ought to have looked for it?
| Thanks for any hints in advance!
| 	Ralf
| P.S.: I got into these questions due to ssh-agent:
| i) When running ssh-agent out of cygwin, I also have to start wincvs or
| emacs out of the same cygwin shell (or children of it), otherwise, they will
| not be able to profit from ssh-agent.
| If I use win-ssh-agent.exe (see,
| the problem is the opposite: I can no longer eval it when starting it, ==>
| the terminal (and its children) from which I started win-ssh-agent.exe
| cannot profit from it. I have to kill it and start a new cygwin window by
| the desktop icon/link or the start-Programs-Menu.

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