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Re: Problems with non-blocking I/O

On Wed, Mar 26, 2003 at 11:32:20AM +1100, Tim Allen wrote:
> time when selected for write. If you pause (eg ctrl-S) the client, you can 
> see it even more clearly. The server should (and on linux does) itself pause 
> in that situation, waiting to be able to write to the socket. On cygwin it 
> instead keeps going, constantly raising select conditions and constantly 
> finding that it would block on the write, doing a busy-wait. A 

Hmm, I can't observe this behaviour on my Cygwin box.  I'm running 1.3.22
(as you do in the meantime I hope).  When pressing Ctrl-S in the clients
window, the server is waiting until pressing Ctrl-Q in the clients window
again.  As on Linux.  And the copied files (well, I only testes 5Megs in
size) were copied correctly.  So far I don't see a problem.

> I'll endeavour to provide more details and examples; I thought this much was 
> worth contributing so far, as it does demonstrate one of the problems quite 
> clearly. May I suggest it'd be worth adding a test based on this to the 
> regression test suite? Or, forgive my ignorance, making a regression test 

This is an open source project.  You're welcome to contribute test cases
for our testsuite.  See


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