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Re: RPM-4.1 port to Cygwin available

On Thu, 27 Mar 2003, Yann Crausaz wrote:
> Your views are right, BUT poeple who were use to work under *NIX (like
> me) really like to find known tools as they have to change their working
> environment , and poeple trying to execute *NIX binaries under Cygwin
> will always exist ! Don't you think so ?

Yeah, but I'm just afraid that there will be a *lot* more of them if we 
start using RPM as an installer.

What I would really be in favour of is a slightly intelligent port of RPM 
(or perhaps even making RPM itself slightly more intelligent) and have it 
complain if you try to make it install non-native binaries. 

Of course, there are valid reasons to want to do that (need libraries when 
cross-compiling, for example) but a warning wouldn't hurt in such cases..

Being completely unfamiliar with the RPM codebase and this not being a 
Cygwin-specific thing makes this idea completely OT here, though..


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