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Re: how to source the environment variables from windows within an existing cygwin window/terminal again?

In bash, "help eval".

On Thu, 27 Mar 2003, Andrew Markebo wrote:

> A better fix for your problem is (I think), is to fire up ssh-agent,
> put the output of ssh-agent into a file, and 'source' it into the
> shells.
> And in your .bashrc or however you start, you check for this file, and
> source it if it exists.
> And if you want to load the ssh-agent variables in a running bash, you
> just either resource your .bashrc or whatever.
> There were a discussion about this a while ago I think, some scripts
> (bash/bat) added to set the variables, check the mailinglist archive.
>      /Andy
> / "Ralf Hauser" <ralfhauser at gmx dot ch> wrote:
> | Hi,
> |
> | When I start cygwin by the desktop icon, it inherits the windows variables
> | before it executes the ~/.bashrc and sets the environment variables
> | specified therein.
> |
> | If I update/change the windows environment variables (right-click on "My
> | Computer" - Properties - Advanced - Environment Variables), how can get
> | these new variables into an already existing cygwin window?
> |
> | Also, it appears that when starting a new cygwin window out of an existing
> | one (by running "cygstart /bin/bash"), the new one will not inherit from the
> | windows environment in the same way as the first cygwin window did.
> |
> | I didn't find any hints to this in
> | or
> | or the
> | nor in this mailing list archive - any other
> | places I ought to have looked for it?
> |
> | Thanks for any hints in advance!
> |
> |       Ralf
> |
> | P.S.: I got into these questions due to ssh-agent:
> | i) When running ssh-agent out of cygwin, I also have to start wincvs or
> | emacs out of the same cygwin shell (or children of it), otherwise, they will
> | not be able to profit from ssh-agent.
> | If I use win-ssh-agent.exe (see,
> | the problem is the opposite: I can no longer eval it when starting it, ==>
> | the terminal (and its children) from which I started win-ssh-agent.exe
> | cannot profit from it. I have to kill it and start a new cygwin window by
> | the desktop icon/link or the start-Programs-Menu.

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