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Question: make, makefile and KVM in J2ME

My question is different from the thread before in the mail list

I am trying to run the make file for J2ME (Java 2 Micro Edition). When the make file runs I get the following error:

Recursively making ../../tools/preverifier/build/win32 all...
make[1]: Entering Directory '/cygdrive/d/j2me//j2me_cldc/tools/preverifier/build/win32/'
make[1]: *** [check_class.obj] Error 255
make[1]: leaving directory '/cygdrive/d/j2me//j2me_cldc/tools/preverifier/build/win32/'
make: *** [all] Error 1

Below is a listing of the make file:

BUILDDIR=$(shell pwd)

$(TOP)/tools/preverifier/build/win32 \
$(TOP)/api \
$(TOP)/samples \

ifneq ($(ROMIZING), false)
 SUBDIRS += $(TOP)/tools/jcc

SUBDIRS += $(TOP)/kvm/VmWin/build

all clean : FORCE @for i in $(SUBDIRS) ; do \ echo ">>>Recursively making "$$i" "$@"..."; \ cd $$i; $(MAKE) $@ \ || exit 1; cd $(BUILDDIR); \ echo "<<<Finished Recursively making "$$i" "$@"." ; \ done


Does anybody has experience on it. BWT, I have gcc available there. I have been blocked here for two days

Thanks in advance


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