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Re: Question: make, makefile and KVM in J2ME

On Thu, 27 Mar 2003, yi ru wrote:

> Hi, Igor Pechtchanski
> The sun's "release notes" recommend me to download setup.exe of cygwin to
> install in order to use make. That is, the way was tested successfully. I
> try to use (gnu)make to port kvm. Somebody did it and get the different
> error (127). I get the error 255 and I don't understand what it means.
> anyway, many thanks your reply. I also look forward to a solution.
> thanks
> Eric


FYI, there can be no solution when there isn't a clear description of the
problem.  You haven't posted any information on what Cygwin packages were
installed on your system by setup.exe, as indicated in
<>.  You did not outline the exact steps that
would allow people to reproduce the problem.  You didn't even post the
right makefile (you posted the top-level one, but the one that bombs is in
tools/preverifier/build/win32).  This is especially important since, by
your own statement, other people cannot exactly reproduce your problem
(different error code), even if people here could be bothered to download
kvm and compile it.  And to top it off, you've switched the subject of the
message, so the continuity of the thread is broken (since you "mail
client" doesn't bother keeping thread information either).

That being said, remember that from the point of view of many build
environments, Cygwin is more like Linux than like Win32.  I don't know
anything about kvm, but you may need to re-run configure, or something...
Also, error code 255 usually means that a program couldn't be "exec()"d,
so check the appropriate make rule in the offending Makefile.
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