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RE: RPM-4.1 port to cygwin available

There's substantial evidence that RPM based distribution of Cygwin is

Just in case you don't read Japanese, go directly to the FTP site:

kind regards
Peter Ring

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From: Charles Wilson [mailto:cwilson at ece dot gatech dot edu]
Sent: 28. marts 2003 05:06
To: cygwin at cygwin dot com
Subject: Re: RPM-4.1 port to cygwin available

Robert Collins wrote:

> I find this concern mystifiying though, we've had an rpm port from Chuck
> for what - 3 ? 4 ? years.

And mine wasn't the first.

Robert is correct that we've had very few (zero?) reports of "oops I 
installed a Red Hat Linux rpm and it scrogged my cygwin".  We have, 
however, had a continuing stream of re-re-re-ports of rpm itself (back 
in the rpm-3.x days) and a dime-a-dozen "better cygwin installation 
schemes" based around the author's personal re-port of rpm.  In each 
case, they created a short-lived ruckus on this mailing list, and 
eventually the forked rpm-based cygwin distro died from neglect.  [The 
only proposal along these lines that ever made any sense to me was Dario 
Alcocer's idea from ~16 months ago, but unfortunately little came of that.]

However, nobody (until now) has ported rpm-4.x to cygwin (AFIAK) -- so 
that's new.  As rpm-4 is a near total rewrite of rpm IIRC, I'm sure it 
was a major effort. (which is why, among other reasons, I never bothered 
to update my port)  Besides, rpm-4 requires db-4, and I wasn't going to 
support YA library package.  Recently, however, Nicholas Wourms ported 
and begain maintaining db-2 and db-3 packages, and has db-4 packages 
"ready to go" -- which makes an rpm-4 port feasible.  However, AFAIK the 
author of this new rpm-4 port built his own version of db-4 and linked 
to it (statically?).  This is not horrible -- it follows Red Hat Linux's 
own practice: their primary installation tool should NOT have avoidable 
dynamic external dependencies.  That's why the rpm-4 source tarball 
contains internal copies of both db and popt.

However, we're not Red Hat Linux.  Personally, I'd prefer that (a) 
Nicholas release his db-4 package <g>, and (b) the rpm package 
eventually accepted into the cygwin distribution be dynamically linked 
against cygdb-4.1.dll and cygpopt-0.dll.

But, them as writes the code, gets to choose.  So this ^^^ is just a 
bunch of babbling. <g>


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