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Re: Just a suggestion: SWIG probably needs recompilation!?

> after installation of the newest cygwin release I cannot make a small
> swig-program example which worked before.
> I am not sure what of the many reinstalled cygwin components is
> for that, but I suppose that you test it and recompile it in the case of
> need.
> Here is the error message:
> g++ -g -DPC  -L/dokus/schnoerr/local/Libs -lSmartPtr
> -L/hd/schnoerr/local/Instal
> ls/Programmierung/Shells/cygwin/lib/python2.2/config -lpython2.2
> TestClass.o
> -o TestClass
> t+0x7c): undefined reference to `_WinMain at 16'
> collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

Cockpit error. Try this test again with the following g++ comand:

$ g++ -g -DPC TestClass.o -o testClass -L/dokus/schnoerr/local/Libs \
> -L/hd/schnoerr/local/Installs/Programmierung/Shells/cygwin/lib/python2.2/c
onfig \
> -lSmartPtr -lpython2.2

You need to make sure that the libraries are linked in at the end of the gxx


Elfyn McBratney
elfyn at exposure dot org dot uk

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