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Re: Cygwin Newbie Question

--- david sarraf <david_sarraf at hotmail dot com> wrote:
> passwd file:
> uid=500(shidan) gid=513(None) 

Well, the above lines together look like a problem to me. I don't know
why your uid would not match the username in /etc/passwd, which is 
contrary to how I understand it working, but it may just be over my head.
Are you logged into a domain?

> When I run cygwin.bat I'm not put into my home directory but rather in 
> /usr/bin.

Is HOME set in Windows? (Run cmd.exe and 'echo %HOME%' )

> Even though having /dev is optional isn't the setup program supposed to  
> create this and proc?

I may be wrong (since I've had a cygwin installation a long time and created
them myself), but I don't think so. 

I'm afraid I'm about to leave for the weekend, but hopefully someone else 
on the list can pick this up. 

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