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Re: Fw: Please help. gcc 3.2.2 configure problem or what?

Hi - Look here (you probably already have):

You are right, I used "-program-suffix=-3.2.2".  You need to be careful so that it finds only 3.2.2 files.  Make sure you modify your path so that all of the 3.2.2 stuff is ahead of the normal stuff (both *.h files and libraries).  Do a 

        find /usr -name "*3.2.2*" -print 

to see all of the new files you need to be aware of.

Once you set up this stuff in your build file (I have been using ant), gcc 3.2.2 works fine.  I have been using it for JNI problems.  Since I got this working, I haven't messed with the --prefix option.

Alan Thompson

At 06:20 AM 3/28/2003 +0100, you wrote:
>Hi again
>> I build gcc 3.2.2 with the --suffix option (see the gcc readme file) under
>Cygwin last month and it worked fine.
>> Alan Thompson
>I think my problem has something to do with mingw32 and windows gui support.
>I managed to build a gcc 3.2.2 and enable language Ada, c, c++, java, objc
>and it seems to work.
>The problem starts when I try to link a program that has a gui.
>I can't find --suffix option, if you mean --program-suffix option shouldn't
>my --prefix work simular?

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