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Re: Corrected: setup.exe beta (testing needed - really!)

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ 2003-03-29

Follow-on to existing (virgin Win98, Install From Internet, Just Me, Unix
 C:\cygtest,, default package set)

Continuing this win98 system, I ran setup and added pkgs
 autoconf, automake, binutils, bison, flex, gcc, gettext,
 gettext-devel, libltdl3, libtool, make, openssh

Found I still didn't have cvs, so ran setup again, and this time
it remembers my pkg directory (!last time it didn't!), and fetched cvs.

Now something is wrong. When I type in the cygwin terminal
window, it doesn't reflect what I type until I switch to another
app and then back. I type ff, there is no indication that it
heard me, I switch to an explorer window and back, and the ff
comes out (as I switch back). I press backspace, it doesn't
seem to hear me (pressing backspace), I switch to explorer, and
back, and as I come back then the last character disappears
(backspace kicks in).

I tried running this
 cygcheck -s -v -r -h > cygcheck_output.txt
(which was a pain to type blind, and I had to fix a couple
and now my 98 system appears to be hung ?

If I submit a Ctrl-Alt-Del to the machine (a virtual machine,
actually), I get the blue screen saying:

System is busy

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