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Re: Corrected: setup.exe beta (testing needed - really!)


You wrote "vmtools" and "vmware." Is that <> or <>? Both? Something else?

It's really just idle curiosity. I had never heard of vmtools before, so I had to go look it up (it's Java XML stuff) and so it doesn't sound related, but I just thought I'd check.

Randall Schulz

At 20:50 2003-03-28, you wrote:

I'd say there is something wrong with your system/installation of Windows...

Could be. But, it is a clean win98 install, then I installed vmtools, then I've run cygwin setup (the experimental one), three times, and only done really minor things in the cygwin terminal ("mkdir", "touch", "ls -l", "cd").

Oh, and I ran IE to go and get the experimental setup.

Probably now I redo the same test with the non-experimental
setup, and see what happens.

VM as in running Windows on top of say Mac OS/Linux?

Actually on top of Win2000. (Using vmware. It is the only way I have time to test stuff on virgin machines.)

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