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Error installing cygwin on Win xp, + keyboard mapping question

I've just been trying Cygwin for the first time on a newish MS Win XP box.
I'm using the network install option (via and adding
a few extra items to the 'default' install, such as XFree86 and most of
the 'development tools' (gcc etc), and of course, vim.  (The goal here is
to replace my noisy old Sun SS5, which is only being used as an Xterm anyway)

Q1: After the install gets a little way through, I start getting error boxes
popping up saying: "error: unknown (or unsupported) file type 'x'", where 'x'
is a different character each time the popup appears.  I get groups of these
happening with different packages throughout the install process.  Anyone
come across this?

Following such an install, the X-functionality and bash etc all
seem to work fine, but trying run gcc gets me various error messages
such as 'program cc1 not found'.  I'm wondering if this install
problem may have something to do with it?

Q2: Keyboard mappings: In a std xterm, how can I map the Delete key to
something else?  I'd prefer the Del character (0x7f) (I use Del as a
single-key intr as a rule, via 'stty intr ^?').  I've tried playing with
xmodmap without luck.  'xkeycaps' looked promising, except I can only find
sources for that and can't build it yet because of the above gcc problem!
(Currently the delete key seems to end up mapping to Escape [ 3 ~, ie:


      Tony Sanderson (CSIRO)

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