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Re: Error installing cygwin on Win xp, + keyboard mapping question

> I've just been trying Cygwin for the first time on a newish MS Win XP box.
> I'm using the network install option (via and adding
> a few extra items to the 'default' install, such as XFree86 and most of
> the 'development tools' (gcc etc), and of course, vim.  (The goal here is
> to replace my noisy old Sun SS5, which is only being used as an Xterm
> Q1: After the install gets a little way through, I start getting error
> popping up saying: "error: unknown (or unsupported) file type 'x'", where
> is a different character each time the popup appears.  I get groups of
> happening with different packages throughout the install process.  Anyone
> come across this?
> Following such an install, the X-functionality and bash etc all
> seem to work fine, but trying run gcc gets me various error messages
> such as 'program cc1 not found'.  I'm wondering if this install
> problem may have something to do with it?

Can you try re-installing the packages (that aren't working, or that you
geot error's from) from your local cache with the setup snapshot on
<>? This is a weird error I've not seen
any referrence to before, but It may have been fixed in the latest snapshot.

> Q2: Keyboard mappings: In a std xterm, how can I map the Delete key to
> something else?  I'd prefer the Del character (0x7f) (I use Del as a
> single-key intr as a rule, via 'stty intr ^?').  I've tried playing with
> xmodmap without luck.  'xkeycaps' looked promising, except I can only find
> sources for that and can't build it yet because of the above gcc problem!
> (Currently the delete key seems to end up mapping to Escape [ 3 ~, ie:
> 0x1b5b337e)

You can put this into your ~/.inputrc

# DEL key in bash
"\e[3~": delete-char

Which should work.

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