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Re: Building DLLs to be loaded from Visual Basic


Massimiliano Mirra schrieb:
My questions:

- is anybody today successfully building DLLs with cygwin (not
  mingw32) and loading them from Visual Basic (or other languages)?

I have to provide DLLs for VB and do so by using Cygwin but with -mnocygwin, which is more or less using mingw32. Anyway, I proceed this way in order to limit the library dependencies to native MS ones.

- is documentation about the process available?

I have no idea. But I know about some problems regading VB in connection with C _not_ with Cygwin. So, compiling with gcc-2 it is usefull to use -fnative-struct (no more available/nessesary in gcc). Because of the VB-
Structure-Conventions it could be nessesary to use -fpack-struct together with dummy elements in the structure in question. The solution to problems like this I found in the MS database.

Hope this helps,

Alexander Mader <alexander dot mader at niles dot de>	Fon: +49-30-93033-636
NILES Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH			Fax: +49-30-93033-603

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