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Re[2]: How hard would this be?

:/, I never did test it myself, as I normaly use the real thing.

thanks for the info though.

CF> On Mon, Mar 31, 2003 at 02:30:00PM +0200, neuron wrote:
>>I have a little problem, I love linux, use it at home all the time,
>>but until (only a matter of time right ;) the norwegian gov switched
>>to linux on their desktop computers, I also have to use windows
>>(unfortunatly).  Now I have a swapable harddrive, what I would like to
>>do, is to have it with a good encrypted filesystem, now on linux that
>>would be quite easy, but it's not that easy to pull off in windows.
>>What I was thinking was this, is it possible using cygwin, to mount a
>>linux drive, with a linux filesystem, to a fake windows drive?  Many
>>windows programs does this, fake drives can't be that hard.  I'd love
>>to have a 5kb mount file on their computers, running that and entering
>>a password to get my drive whenever I needed it.
>>Now I know I could probably use cygwin and copy the files to the
>>windows partition and back, but that would be VERY unpractical, and...
>>if I remember correctly the computers are setup with NTFS, which means
>>the files can't be properly wipe'ed afterwards.
>>Ideas anyone?

CF> There is nothing remotely resembling this functionality in cygwin.  Cygwin
CF> is just a wrapper around the win32 api.  It doesn't do file systems.

CF> cgf

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