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Re: Building DLLs to be loaded from Visual Basic

"Mader, Alexander" <alexander dot mader at niles dot de> writes:

>> - is anybody today successfully building DLLs with cygwin (not
>>   mingw32) and loading them from Visual Basic (or other languages)?
> I have to provide DLLs for VB and do so by using Cygwin but with
> -mnocygwin, which is more or less using mingw32. 

Is that relevant to the DLL creation, i.e. do you know if a DLL built
without -mnocygwin (thus with cygwin) is still as usable?  I have to
access the serial hardware on the target and I prefer to do it the
POSIX way rather than with the native API.

> I have no idea. But I know about some problems regading VB in
> connection with C _not_ with Cygwin. So, compiling with gcc-2 it is
> usefull to use -fnative-struct (no more available/nessesary in
> gcc). Because of the VB-
> Structure-Conventions it could be nessesary to use -fpack-struct
> together with dummy elements in the structure in question. 

Good to know, since I built gcc2.  Not even the latter is necessary in
gcc3.2, right?

> The solution to problems like this I found in the MS database.
> Hope this helps,

It does.  Thank you very much.

Question to the list: is there any documentation repository (maybe in
the style of to which one could contribute
notes and experiences?  I use to take notes anyway and it would nice
if others could benefit.


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