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Re: Corrected: setup.exe beta (testing needed - really!)

Rolf Campbell wrote:
> Max Bowsher wrote:
>> Rolf Campbell wrote:
>>> Max Bowsher wrote:
>>>> Robert Collins wrote:
>>>>> On Thu, 2003-03-27 at 22:10, Vince Hoffman wrote:
>>>>>>> Ok, well this is 'not good' :}.
>>>>>>> At what point does it crash?
>>>>>> At start before any window appears.
>>>>>> Shuttting down cygwin services made no difference.
>>>>>> let me know if there is any more i can do to help the problem.
>>>>> Hmm, I don't think there is much more you can do. Max can reproduce
>>>>> it..
>>>> Not well, and not with -O0, though.
>>>> Vince, would you be able to test the -O0 snapshot with debug symbols
>>>> I've just uploaded? (bz2-ed to cut down on size of debug symbols).
>>>> Max.
>>> I tested it on my home (XP) machine (which had a 100% crash rate on the
>>> original), and the -O0 version works perfectly.
>> This bug gets more and more elusive. Plus, I had to reinstall Windows on
>> my desktop, and I can no-longer reproduce the crash.
>> Rolf, is Service Pack 1 installed on your home machine?
> Yes.

Oh. Looks like that's not a relevant factor. I was hoping that the fact I've
only ever reproduced it on a non-SP1 machine might be a clue, but apparently


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