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Re: bash bug report? Minor border case:

On Mon, Mar 31, 2003 at 02:05:25PM -0800, Michael Pierce wrote:
>I wish the developers would try to remember, not everyone is a
>developer, in fact most are just users, cut some slack!

Step 1: Person posts to wrong list.

Step 2: Person is apprised of that fact by cygwin mailing list notable.

Step 3: Person argues that they *are* sending to correct mailing list.

Step 4: Person is pointed to web page documentation supporting Step 2
        by notable.

Step 5: Person changes tactic and indicates not their fault because
        mailing list name is counterintuitive, maybe should be changed.

Step 6: Person is told by curmudgeonly developer that it makes sense to check
        facts before Step 3.

Step 7: Unrelated person says that Step 6 is mean since not everyone
        is a developer.

Step 8: Developer responds to clarify whole stupid thread.  Developer
        surprised that person from step 7 unable to see that thread
        is six steps too long.  Developer gratified that Step 7 person
        refreshingly refrained from profanity or suppositions about
        developer's childhoods.


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