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Re: login incorrect

There is a mailing list for PostgreSQL and Cygwin (as a "newsgroup": 
gmane.comp.db.postgresql.cygwin). Ask there.

* abrar at ecomscience dot com (03-04-01 11:11 +0100)
> I know this is a common problem and has been answered many times. After
> going thro many posts and innumerable helps/answers by Corinna I still seems
> to get stuck in the same problem.
> In my win2000 server (standalone, not a domain) I created a user postgres
> and password postgres within administrator group, did
> mkpasswd -l</etc/passwd  and mkgroup from cygwin, also did the
> "Act as part of the operating system"
> "Replace process level token"
> "Increase quotas"
> for both administrator and postgres user rights, changed the gid in passwd
> file but no help. The login incorrect message is still there for postgres
> user.

Did you read and follow "/usr/doc/Cygwin/postgresql-7.3.2.README"? It 
explicitly mentions '3. Grant the "postgres" user the "Log on as a 
service" user right'.

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