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Re: ls Question + bug?

* Randall R Schulz (03-04-01 17:10 +0100)
> At 06:42 2003-04-01, you wrote:
>>* Hannu E K Nevalainen (garbage mail) (03-04-01 11:30 +0100)
>>> IMO the sense of it is still there, even in NT. Can't tell about XP - but I
>>> would be surprised if the changes were that many.
>> XP is the first rocksolid Windows OS.
> Hardly.
> NT 4 and 2000 have always been perfectly stable and reliable for me, 
> running for days and weeks on end without trouble.

For me too. But I also had "issues" where for example an NT server 
Kernel bluescreened - and *ate its whole C-Drive*. I've seen my 
NetWare server complaining about "duplicate MAC addresses"[1] - *while 
my NT servers where already silently rebooting*. 2000 was better but 

>>> I've been running _well known_ applications on NT that misbehaved 
>> every day.
>> But they didn't normally crush the whole system.
> "Crush?"

"Bring the 'system' (OS and all other running applications) down."


[1] Okay, my fault, but nonetheless
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