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RE: Big Brother is Real

I apologize since this questions still does not belong into this forum
(though it might impact decisions towards linux)

When I installed windows last week again (got hacked) I did not have the
option to install sp3 but immediately received sp4 and the .NET network
stuff. I am screwed now! Am I not? I assume that sp4 is a combination of all
previous SPs?

I am mad! Really mad about that. We are so used to click 'agree' without
bothering to read the fine print. :(

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From: günter strubinsky [mailto:strubinsky at acm dot org] 
Sent: Tuesday, 01 April, 2003 11:56
To: 'Randall R Schulz'; 'cygwin at cygwin dot com'
Subject: RE: Big Brother is Real

I missed out on that.. What does sp3 for win2k do?

Btw. I only use amd cpu's. To my understanding they don't have the cpu id (I
don't trust a software that allows me to turn the id of because obviously
software can also turn it on ;)

If star office and open office can read/write Micro$oft documents there is
hope, otherwise don't hold your breath. Too much has been written over the
last 2 decades -and stored in word documents-. If you can't open it the tool
can't be used in production environments. If it can, a seamless transition
is possible. I just got a new laptop (birthday) and the first time of my
life I will install 2 (TWO) OS's on it. (you know which ones)

About the license policies integrated:

I know that's not the right newsgroup and I will be very careful:
The X box has highly sophisticated copy protection integrated in hard and
software. It took a whole half year until it got cracked, but the point is
that it cot hacked.

I heard/read that there are already a wealth of xp versions for download
that have the 'call bill back' inherently disabled. The same is true for MS
software. I haven't the latest statistics at hand, but the private
household; those who made a copy from the office and brought it home for
business and private use, won't pay extravagant prices if this is not
possible anymore. Those will 'get' the grey copies because of the internets
endless sources.

A big problem seems to be the de facto standard of behavior by MS products.
I loved Sun One's debugger since the function keys are identical to Visual
Studio. I love JEDIT since the Ctrl-<char> functions are identical to the MS
way (Ctrl-X, Ctrl-K, Ctrl-V, etc.). If the main competitors can (and no
copyright can forbid that) emulate this functionality/behavior I see hope on
the horizon.

If, lastly Office 11 would not be backwards compatible with their previous
documents, I see the sun rise!


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From: cygwin-owner at cygwin dot com [mailto:cygwin-owner at cygwin dot com] On Behalf Of
Randall R Schulz
Sent: Tuesday, 01 April, 2003 10:24
To: cygwin at cygwin dot com
Subject: Re: Big Brother is Real


At 07:50 2003-04-01, you wrote:
>* Randall R Schulz (03-04-01 17:29 +0100)
> > At 07:14 2003-04-01, you wrote:
> >> On Tue, 1 Apr 2003, Thorsten Kampe wrote:
> >>> XP is the first rocksolid Windows OS.
> >>
> >> ... with completely unrealistic licensing (see the last paragraph of
> >> <>).
> >
> > OH. MY. GOD.
> >
> > I installed SP3 on my Win2K. Ignorance is NOT bliss.
> >
> > I guess it really is time to move to Linux.
>You won't. You would have to use Wine to get Cygwin running, and that
>is n-o-t s-u-p-p-o-r-t-e-d.

I won't what? What are you saying? If I move to Linux (or Solaris or 
MacOS X or FreeBSD, etc.), Cygwin will become irrelevant for me.

You're an odd bird, Thorsten.


Randall Schulz 

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