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Re: setup.exe final pre-release..

On Thu, 3 Apr 2003, Robert Collins wrote:

> Indeed, and here it is:

I haven't experienced any setup crashes, but I have a question 
about it's behavior when used with the local directory option.  

Each time I run it against a local mirror, it checks the MD5 sum 
of every package in the mirror.  This is a time-consuming process 
and, unless the window remains in the foreground the entire time, 
it seems to hang.  During this time, the status bar is frozen, 
the window doesn't repaint, and it cannot be moved.  Eventually, 
once it finishes all of the MD5 checks, it displays the package 
selection screen and then works normally.

My question is this:  Why is it necessary to scan every package 
in the mirror every time setup is run against a local mirror?  
Most of the time, I am only installing a single package or a 
few updates.  It seems that setup should only check the packages 
being installed, and the rest of them should be ignored.


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