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Cygwin Python regression testers wanted

I'm in the process of updating the Cygwin section of the official Python
README.  Since I only have access to Windows NT 4.0 and 2000, I am
seeking Cygwin Python regression testers for the following Windows

    95 OSR2
    98 Second Edition
    XP Home
    XP Professional

If you are willing to help, then perform the following steps:

1. rebase your system [1]

   a. install the rebase package via Cygwin's setup.exe (if not installed)
   b. shutdown all Cygwin processes
   c. start bash (do not use rxvt)
   d. execute rebaseall (in the bash window)

2. run the Python regression test [2]

   python -E -tt /usr/lib/python2.2/test/ -l 2>&1 | tee regrtest.out

3. post any failures and/or hangs other than test_commands


[1] Sorry, but Python's regression test requires a fully rebased system
    to prevent Cygwin fork() problems.

[2] If a test hangs, then use's "-x" option to exclude this
    test.  For example, in the past test_select has hung under 9X/Me, so
    this test can be skipped as follows:

        python -E -tt /usr/lib/python2.2/test/ -l -x test_select ...


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