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Hi again

Hi its me again.  I had another question.  Well I had to re-install cygwin
because I didn't check mark the editors (that screen that comes up when you
install).  Then I did a full deletion of cygwin so I could start fresh and
download it again.  However this time I have everything else working except
for the XWin bit.  I was wondering if you knew where that feature would be
located in the checkmark place under installation.  

It is my knowledge that the commands such as "startx" and "xwin" all fall
under the /cygwin/etc/bin/ directory.  However that was not loaded on the
install and I wanted to know (again) what I am missing for installation.  I
pretty much did a full install.  I installed all the XFree86 files, anything
with X11 on it, and all the other bits and pieces that are on the web site
--gcc, make, tetex, tetex-devel, texmf, XFree86-base, XFree86-prog,
ghostscript-x11 and all Guile packages (guile, guile-devel, guile-doc,
libguile12 and libguile14). You probably also want a decent window manager
like openbox or WindowMaker. 
is there something I am doing wrong here? (the gcc works fine as well as

Saarah Wassel
Computer Engineer
saarah dot t dot wassel at saic dot com
(310) 781-8724

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