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Re: apache php4 error: dlopen: Win32 error 193

> The rebase that comes with the apache package is broken -- it corrupts
> DLLs.  This is probably why you're seeing the problem.  Since postinstall
> scripts are run by setup.exe automatically, there is no easy way to
> prevent the broken rebase from running if you use setup.exe.  I can
> think of a couple, but they are pretty complex.  The easier one is to
> extract the postinstall script (usr/postinstall/ to some
> other directory, then use "tar --delete" to remove the postinstall script
> from the tarball, and then run setup.exe again to install apache (without
> running the postinstall script).  Note that for the last step to work,
> you'll also need to adjust the MD5 checksum for the apache tarball (in
> setup.ini).  As you can see, it is by no means easy.
> You can also extract the DLLs anew from the tarball by hand and have them
> overwrite the rebased ones, and then use "rebaseall" from Jason Tishler's
> rebase package (follow the instructions in /usr/doc/Cygwin/rebase-*README).
> Ultimately, the apache package should be fixed.

yep, +1, you're right. But! (unfortunatly it always come to ab
"but!.." ;) I'm definetly blocked up to next week end. So please live
with it up to then and I (and Gerrit) will provide you *hopefully* a
fixed apache (fixing the connection hanging problem) *and* the rebase
inside the package thing.

Sorry all for the inconvinience.


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