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Some complaints about Perl 5.8.0

Dear all,

My main complaint is that it is shoved a little bit to literally into 
one's throat.

Yes, I know I can choose on the installer, but everytime I want to update
some things, I have to check that Perl is not replaced. Now the installer
has shoved Perl 5.8.0 on my system (luckily a test system), which first
of all means that all modules I installed on 5.6.0 I have to redo for 

-> Never break an existing system inadvertently !

Since there are other things which seem to be optional, Perl 5.8.0 also
could have been optional.

Apart from this nasty surprise, which has been cleaned up mostly, there
is also something wrong with Perl 5.8.0. It sends out too much \n
characters. Code which ran fine for already two years now breaks.

Looking into the serverside of the thing, I see that all my values get
extra \n characters. These are values which are written through
pipes. The only thing that changed was the installation of
Perl 5.8.0 on the client side of my system, on the server side I still use
Perl 5.6.0. I implemented a quick patch to strip of excess white space
at the end of my values, but there should be a good solution.

What I also noticed, and maybe this is related, is that in the Perl
debugger I had to press the Enter key twice after every command
to get it going.

The current state of my system contains all the most recent installs,
so I think that pertaining to the Perl debugger, people should have the
same problem. 

CYGWIN = ntsec tty

Since everything is currently working and the problems are not
blocking for the moment, nobody need to hurry. I do not have time
until Monday to post a minimum of code which duplicates the errors.

Everybody have a nice weekend, but a bad nights sleep over the
Perl debugger problem.


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