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Re: H.T.M.L. (RE: Getting home directory in Windows 2000 environment)

Randall R Schulz <rrschulz at cris dot com> wrote:
> Hannu,

> At 15:15 2003-04-09, you wrote:

>> --- HTML contents snipped ---
>>   May I ask those of you who insist in posting in HTML format to reconsider!

 It is 
> the lingua franca of the worldwide web

Yes. Let it stay there.

 and it is widely supported by 
> GUI mail and news clients.

Does that mean that we should all post in jpegs since we could then achieve
exactly the same thing?

 Personal communications must extend beyond 
> simple text without stylistic variation for computers to fully 
> facilitate human communication.

Post your proof.

People have been using plain text to communicate quite satisfactorily, thank
you very much.

>>     c) Attached images add an unnecessary burden on email downloads

> Burden? On whom?

On every single person that receives it. That much must be obvious, or are
you being deliberately obtuse?

 If the poster feels the need to communicate visually, 
> then it is their prerogative.

Just as it would be my perogative to ignore it or bounce it.

>> Offending software:
>>   AFAIK only MICROSOFT Outlook and  Outlook Express has this enabled by
>> default; SHAME ON YOU M.S!

> Again, this is BS. I use Eudora for mail and Mozilla (and before it 
> Netscape) for news, and they all send HTML mail and images without a 
> problem.

By default?

> Please don't be so atavistic. By definition everyone using Cygwin is 
> using an operating system whose GUI subsystem is not optional.

Whereas html /is/ optional.

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