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Setup.exe -> Creating a better user interface

Hello developers,
here is a suggestion on improving the user interface for the application

My background:
  * I'm a c/c++ programmer with lots of development experiance. MSVS6.0,
Borlandbuilder 6.0, LAMP

My problems:
  * When I got through the first download/installation I was thinking
"default" is OK!
      (Sorry, my mistake .... I'm a developer ... )
  * The second time I directly clicked on "+All . Default" (fast learning
isn't it?), and the programm didn't do anything any more...
      (Sorry, my mistake .... I just had to wait 2 minutes and all would
have been just fine....)

  * Add at the bottom a "Help" button.
  * Give the user a popupscreen (or something else) when the application is
taking a long time to complete his task,
    to notify him that he is buzzy and not hanging.... !!!

(I hope that someone will say .... heeee let's make these changes...  for
future Cygwin users/developers!)

Keep up the GOOD work folks ... Greatings,
Sjoerd Linders (Netherlands)
ngp at ilimburg dot nl

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