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Re: Weird wget behaviour

Marko Daris wrote:

I'm using cygwin's wget (1.8.2) to mirror some web sites... I found an
url which stops (cygwins) wget:

First the behaviour was that when I run the command some parts of this
page were dumped on standard output (note: I don't have a .wgetrc file)
which is very strange since wget only outputs progress/statistics and
not the downloaded page... Wget did not finish but hanged forrever (did
not notice any cpu load).

I then thought it was a cygwin bug and reinstalled cygwin completely (10
Apr 2003). Now what happens is that there is no ouput but the command
hangs as before - it never returns.

I did a crosscheck on linux (debian) with wget 1.8.1 and the page is
downloaded as expected and wget terminates. I also checked on solaris
2.6 wget 1.8.2 and works ok.

I suspect the problem is somewhere in cygwin....

I'm worried that this could be some buffer overrun (because of the
behaviour) or something in the realization of cygwin sockets.

Let me know...

Best regards,


Oh, oh, I think I know what it is! I bet it's because basename of the local filename is called "CON". That's a reserved word in Windows. It means console.

Not a cygwin bug, a windows feature.

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