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Re: cron on Win9x works

Hey, BB. I tried your suggestion and cron finally works in my system!

Well, almost. It runs and keeps running, I can edit crontab -e etc., 
but cron won't run the command at the set time/date. What could be 
wrong now?

Thanks for the help,
Luciano ES
Santos, SP - Brasil

"BB" <canofspam at att dot net> wrote in
news:b74d6s$mv7$1 at main dot gmane dot org: 

> I've notice some discussion about problems running cron on
> Win9x. I'm currently running cron and init on Win95.  Win98
> works too.  I'm not running anything complex with cron yet
> though.  Unfortunately, I'm stuck in Win9x mode, but at least
> I'm being paid for it. 
> One thing that is required is the addition of
> "SYSTEM:*:18:544:,S-1-5-18::" to the /etc/passwd file.
> The ",S-1-5-18" part probably isn't required, but I just simply
> copied the entry from an XP machine.  I also added
> "SYSTEM:S-1-5-18:18:" to /etc/group but I don't think it
> matters. 

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