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Re: Cygwin Bash Script Syntax Question

Steve <beforewisdom at yahoo dot com> writes:

> Hi;
> I am using cygwin on win2k.
> I have a __native__  JDK 1.3 installed.
> I am trying to write myself a bash script to do some compiling jobs.
> I am having trouble getting some path syntax issues ironed out.
> The native java will accept either  C:\FOO\FOO  or C:/FOO/FOO
> The native java will not accept /cygdrive/c/FOO/FOO
> After some experimentation it seems that bash is getting confused
> about the ':' symbol.  It seems to be interpreting the ':' in C:/foo
> as a path seperator so
> PATH=C:/foo:C:/foa
> is getting interpreted as specifiying these dirs:
> C:/foo
> C
> foo
> Anyway I would like to write a script that would look like this
> in a .sh file:
> ----------------------------------------
> export SOURCEDIR=C:/foo
> export OUTDIR=C:/foa
> export CLASSPATH=C:/abc:C:/def:C:/ghi
> javac -sourcepath $SOURCEDIR -d $OUTDIR -classpath $CLASSPATH $1
> ------------------------------------------
> So.....what would the path syntax be like?
> Do I use ':' or ';' as directory seperators?
> Do I use '/' or '\' ?
> I'm sorry if this seems lame but I am getting dizzy from tyring to
> make a native windows installation of java work with a cygwin .sh file
> Any help will be appreciated
> STeve

May may want to look at

| Jeffery B. Rancier
| Softechnics
| a METTLER TOLEDO company

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