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Re: gcc 3.2-3 installation

> On Saturday 26 April 2003 08:12, Gareth Pearce wrote:
> > If you want a version of gcc 3.2 which does Not have (prerelease) in it,
> > you can download the official gcc release (if you can still find 3.2)
> > compile it yourself (noting that it will not have explicit cygwin gcc
> > aditions such as -mno-cygwin).  Or you could binary edit the appropriate
> > files and change your currently installed version.  Neither would
> > benifit you in the slightest, I do suspect.
> >
> Christian Joensson and I, no doubt along with many people who didn't want
> reveal their efforts, have built and tested the official gcc-3.2.3 release
> and got the cleanest gcc testsuite runs yet seen on cygwin.  Someone is
> taking an interest in making the official gcc work on cygwin, as evidenced
> the correction of the libf2c configure problem of the last pre-release.
> --
> Tim Prince
Just to be clear, my choice of 3.2 above was deliberate, downloading 3.2.3
may indeed give you some benifit.  (just like building 3.4 from cvs gives me
some benifit, although not in the way of stability)


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