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Re: gcc 3.2-3 installation

On Sat, Apr 26, 2003 at 08:47:54AM -0700, Tim Prince wrote:
>On Saturday 26 April 2003 08:12, Gareth Pearce wrote:
>>If you want a version of gcc 3.2 which does Not have (prerelease) in
>>it, you can download the official gcc release (if you can still find
>>3.2) and compile it yourself (noting that it will not have explicit
>>cygwin gcc aditions such as -mno-cygwin).  Or you could binary edit the
>>appropriate files and change your currently installed version.  Neither
>>would actually benifit you in the slightest, I do suspect.
>Christian Joensson and I, no doubt along with many people who didn't
>want to reveal their efforts, have built and tested the official
>gcc-3.2.3 release and got the cleanest gcc testsuite runs yet seen on
>cygwin.  Someone is taking an interest in making the official gcc work
>on cygwin, as evidenced by the correction of the libf2c configure
>problem of the last pre-release.

Building gcc from the trunk has never been a great feat despite all of
the triumph and tears often evidenced by cygwin users.  It's nearly
always been possible to build the "official" versions of gcc.  You'll be
sorely disappointed if you try to use -mno-cygwin or maybe use dllexport
attributes, however.  You may find that java doesn't

Danny Smith has been slowly fixing things on the gcc trunk but there are
still patches in the cygwin-mingw branch which are not in the trunk.

I have no idea who this "someone" your talking about is, but there are
fixes going into the gcc trunk all of the time for cygwin, just like any
other host.  I have to wonder why people would not want to reveal their
efforts to get gcc working and actually help the community rather than
help themselves.  I've asked multiple times for help with this and have
(almost) always been met with whines and silence.  The one exception was
Egor Duda who actually volunteered to take over maintainership at one
point.  He seems to be pretty silent lately, though.

If Egor is still willing, I'm ready to hand over the reins.  And, I'll
do it in a much more courteous matter than I received this
responsibility, too.


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