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RE: Problems with Win 98 SE CYGWin Installation

> From: Robert Collins [mailto:rbcollins at cygwin dot com]
> Sent: Saturday, April 26, 2003 12:14 AM

> You could try the current setup snapshot - it should fix that 'long'
> minute.

 Well, the wait will most likely be a lot shorter IIUC.
But as I have seen no increase(!)  in CPU power the last
three years; I don't expect much.   ;-)

/Hannu E K Nevalainen, Mariefred, Sweden

 I'm an old Amiga-fan, I used the Amiga daily for more than fifteen years...
 I still own one - so I can compare speed with the brand new machines I see
at school. The difference is considerable, no wonder as it is a
 Motorola 68060 at 50Mhz  compared to  P3/P4 @<huge number>.   `:-]
 But I still believe that the Amiga "stands proud" in the comparasion.

 I do use my Amiga for CD-burning - it can't handle more than 4x w the
current PIO 0 mode IDE controller, but it writes those CDRs without *any*
 Having a SCSI harddisk or a new IDE controller could improve things.


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