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Re: How to run SSHD automatically when not on NT/2K?

> good news... i had to use this once to start up kde under x11 so here is
> what you put in the batch file
> @echo off
> D:
> chdir D:\cant\cygwin\bin
> bash --login -i -c "sshd"
> this is what i have but then i dont use it now that i use cygrunsrv on my xp
> machine [; hope this helps... [;

Sweet.  I used that for some testing.  The -i doesn't seem to be
necessary (as one might expect), but the --login is.  Also, sshd isn't
in the default startup path, so this is what I finally got working for

@echo off

chdir C:\cygwin\bin

bash --login -c "/usr/sbin/sshd"

Now to pop that in the startup folder, and I'm all set.  Thanks for the

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