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setup.exe: Woe is me!

I am having trouble installing cygwin on a machine running Win98.  I have 
downloaded setup.exe to my machine, the latest version currently available. 
 I have run setup.exe and downloaded the default selection of packages. 
 Setup.exe has properly computed checksums.  Then setup.exe hangs.  I am 
able to press ctrl-alt-delete to access the task window, which shows 
setup.exe is not responding, and end the task.  I have tried several times 
and setup.exe won't go past this point.  I never see the list of packages 
available to select which ones to install.  There is no anti-virus software 
running on the computer during installation.  No files are written in 
/var/log.  My primary hard drive is c:, my cygwin directory is d:\ and my 
package directory is d:\package.  I had cygwin installed on this machine 
about a year ago, then uninstalled it, following the directions in the faq; 
is it possible that something is left from the prior installation that is 
causing the problem?  I don't know what to do next.  Can anyone help?


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