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Re: Fwd: Re: CygWin adding CRs, hurting CVS client/server communications? wrote:

Well, I take that back...someone pointed me to, which contains instructions for reinstalling CygWin with text mode set to DOS, which actually fixes the problem (the remount procedure didn't work, as is warned in the article). All I did was run the setup utility, selected DOS text mode, and selected the base/cygwin and devel/cvs packages for like a charm now. The contents of this article might be good fodder for the FAQs. Cheers!

I'd suggest this is the wrong direction to head in this case for at
least a few of reasons:

1. This hasn't really risen to the level of a FAQ.

  2. The problem is ill-defined at least and isn't shared by the vast

  3. It's not at all clear that the problem isn't fixable if it were
     better understood.

Perhaps someone seeing this problem could spend a little more time with
it and see if a solution can be found that makes any documentation of
it unnecessary.  That would be a real big help.

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