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Re: cvs connecting to a repository on Windows broken?

Is the server a Cygwin CVS? If so, try using /cygdrive/c in stead of c:\




NB: if this WAG doesn't help, try providing a bit more info, such as what 
kind of CVS is running on the Win2000 server

On Tue, 1 Jul 2003, Andy Todd wrote:

> Hi all,
> I updated my installation of Cygwin yesterday. As part of this CVS was 
> updated to version 1.11.5-1
> I had been using cvs quite successfully to talk to a repository on a 
> Windows 2000 server. As of this upgrade this is no longer working. When 
> I cd to my copy and type 'cvs update' I get an error;
> cvs update: CVSROOT requires a path spec:
> cvs update: 
> :(gserver|kserver|pserver):[[user][:password]@]host[:[port]]/path
> cvs update: [:(ext|server):][[user]@]host[:]/path
> cvs [update aborted]: Bad CVSROOT: 
> `:pserver:andyt@javsource1:c:\eglrepository'.
> I've tried doing a fresh checkout (to another directory) with all sorts 
> of variations on the path spec but none seems to work, for instance;
> $ cvs -d:pserver:andyt@javsource1/c:\\eglrepository login
> or
> $ cvs -d:pserver:andyt@javsource1/c//eglrepository login
> etc.
> Can anyone provide any suggestions? Please cc me as I'm not subscribed 
> to the list.
> Thanks and regards,
> Andy

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